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Vans 24/7 Packing Tips For A Smooth Moving Experience

Moving Tips

  • Plan your packing as you go and start well in advance.
  • Wrap all delicate breakable items well. Bubble wrap can be bought cheaply online. We recommend this over newspaper and magazine wrap.
  • To save time and energy later and get you settled in faster; Label removal boxes clearly, Write the location of the room you want your box to go.
  • Highlight which boxes contain fragile items.
  • Use Gaffer tape to seal securely joints in cardboard boxes. Sellotape will not hold boxes containing heavier items.
  • Keep wallet or purse, mobile phone, all keys, medication and other important items in one place from the night before your move.


Moving Tips

Ensure that the boxes are not damaged and is properly secured with tape. Organize boxes according to what are most needed basis first by labelling each box. In labelling boxes, use boldly coloured letters to indicate the most or less used items. Pack your books and other heavy objects into a small boxes for easy handling.

Try to avoid overloading boxes so that it will be easy to carry. Overloading boxes can also damage your goods, spreading the weight between boxes, especially with books and other heavy materials is encouraged.

Fragile Items

Moving Tips

In wrapping glass, china ware, and other fragile item special care is needed. Wrap each item separately using bubble wrap. I recommend bubble wrap instead of wrapping paper for extra padding. Surround each item with any soft materials to avoid clashing of the items that can result to damage or broken items. Please be advised that it is important to label the box as FRAGILE.

Bedding, Linen and Clothing

Moving Tips

Linens and other durable items can be placed into strong black bin bags and tied at the top. Also, put small items into one big bag rather than putting them into many of small bags.

Please ensure that the bin bag you will use is of good quality. It should be thick and durable to prevent from tearing off while we are in the process of transporting your goods.

Beds and Flat Pack Furniture

Moving Tips

Dismantle self-assembly furniture in advance and secure small pieces together with tape to avoid from sliding and moving around while in transit. Not to forget to put screws, bolts and all nuts in a separate bag of each furniture to avoid confusion when you need to reassemble the furniture.

Electrical Appliances

Moving Tips

We advised no to fill your fridge and freezer with food two weeks before your due date to move to avoid wasting food. Do not forget to defrost your freezer 48 hours prior to moving. It should be dry, and all water must be drained.

If possible dismantle appliances where it's applicable. All electrical appliances must be in the box and should be surrounded with foam for protection.

Garden and Garage Items

Moving Tips

All garden tools must be taped and bundled together and should be cleaned properly. Garden hoses must be drained prior of living the property. All sharp tools must be wrapped and should be in a secure place to avoid an accident.

Please note: Living plants are carried at your own risk, and this is to include the pots. We do not take accountability for any crack or damage to any of your plants being carried. We are also restricting any flammable liquids, wet batteries or any other corrosive item to be taken in the van.

Loft Contents

Moving Tips

Loft items need to be in the landing area for easy access. It is your responsibility to bring down the items from the attic. However, if you require our assistance we also have an option for that. For more details, you can contact our customer service on this number 07740 28 38 98.

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