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Moving to Europe!

Vans 24/7 Man and Van Service is a UK removal company that offers logistical solutions for residents and businesses wanting to move homes, offices or single items across the UK or to relocate to Europe. So whether you need just a small sofa to be moved a couple of miles or pallets of products across Europe, you will find our removal company costs extremely competitive, without compromising on quality of service.

We can move your belongings from the UK to anywhere in Europe or from there back to the UK. Either way, Vans 24/7 Man and Van Service offer you a professional service, regardless of how big or small your move.

Call us for more information on 07740 28 38 98 or tell us the postcodes of your pick up and drop off points for a quote with no hidden costs.

Euro Moves

All Inclusive Prices

The all-inclusive price you received is based on the correct information you provided. It will be your responsibility to check the details you supplied is accurate, and if there will be any mistakes on the information you provided, will have an additional charge of completion. Our prices are all inclusive, including mileage, diesel, driver and Eurotunnel fee. We can also offer you a seat in the van with no extra cost if you want to travel with us and avoid the cost of a plane ticket or Eurostar seating.

Contact us with your requirements to make your move simple and hassle-free as possible. Call: 07740 28 38 98.

Reliable and Efficient Move within Good Time

Please note, contrary to the majority of transport hire and removal companies, we deliver your belongings the same day we pick-up, as far as possible. However, we adhere to good safety and welfare standards, in yours and our drivers’ interests: Vans 24/7 don’t drive more than 8-9h in any single day. We believe this gives your belongings the best protection, as much as ensuring public safety.

We move you on your allocated day and understand your need to be resettled as quickly as possible. Vans 24/7 will not store your belongings while we arrange to fill vacant space with other peoples’ belongings before we move you. We prioritise the safety of our customer's goods and to deliver an excellent service as we would like you to recommend us.

What Can You Expect With Vans 24/7 Man and Van Service?

  • Fill in our live Quote Form with your postcodes for pick up and drop off and an automated quote is generated, based on the information provided by you.
  • Book in the most convenient date for you, provided that this date is still available.
  • Upon receipt of your deposit of 50% of your fee. We will immediately begin organising your move.


For a move London to Paris, requiring up to 12.5 cubic meters of removal van space, you will be charged £850. We will come and pick you up normally about 9 am (or at a time most convenient to you). After loading, departure will be around 10 am for airport or Eurotunnel.

Next onto Paris to arrive approximately at 5pm. Your Vans 24/7 driver always helps with the loading and unloading of the van. Once completed, the outstanding balance will be payable. We accept a range of payment options; please ask your driver.

Please note that if you do not wish to travel with us, we will ask you to provide us with the copy of your passport or ID card. You will be required to sign a letter in advance stating that the belongings that Vans 24/7 Man and Van Service are transporting:

Euro Moves
  • Are yours
  • They are not to be sold
  • It is also essential to state that there are no illegal or dangerous substances being carried
  • A full list of all your belongings being transported
  • The destination address

We want to make your move as hassle-free, efficient and smooth as possible. Please call Vans 24/7 Man and Van Service for more details of our services on 07740 28 38 98. Alternatively, complete our booking form now for a quote and let’s get you rolling.

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